About Us

Our Company

Founded in 2011, Lembo Consulting Group (LCG) has made continued progress to establish itself as a well-rounded technology partner. LCG since then has provided IT services and custom software development for different clients. To reflect our focus on organizational agility, we have made two major updates to our process.

  • Our custom Agile methodology for managing projects internally has enabled us to account for changing expectations and requirements over the course of a project.
  • We focus on helping clients reduce business process inefficiencies and pain-points by moving them towards modern technology solutions.

Our Vision

We define success to be the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships with small businesses. We want to bring corporate IT & Professional Services to the Small-Mid Businesses to help them overcome their technical challenges, while being there for these businesses in any way we can.

We pride ourselves on our company culture of doing what is right for the client. We have good people working with great clients to actualize wonderful ideas.