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  • software product updates • remote control troubleshooting • backups • disaster recovery • antivirus • email • and more

  • mobile applications • desktop applications • cloud services integration • website development • ivr development • and more

  • process management • project management • program management • CTO consulting • and more

Managed Services

With Managed Services, we provide flexibility to organizations that don’t have the need for full time IT staff, but rely heavily on technology. This service provides the technology staff, vision, and resources on an as needed basis, while also performing routine monthly preventative maintenance to keep the office computers, servers, and applications up and running.

Professional Services

We provide Professional Services to organizations that don’t have the time, knowledge, or money to identify and recruit developers for the limited occasions when they are needed. These services range from complete custom solutions, to installation, customization, and configuration of more complex products on the market

Management Consulting Services

With executive and management IT consulting we provide flexibility to organizations that have small or limited IT staff, which may lack the strategic vision that exists in corporate IT organizations. We provide experienced technology vision through CTO consulting, process implementation, program management, and project management